7992 Aviation Drive,

Marion, Il 62959


Dr. Bobbie Whitacre



Doctor Bobbie Whitacre has been a chiropractor for the last 18 years and has treated thousands of patients in Southern Illinois. She graduated from Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri, along with her husband. They moved to Murphysboro, Illinois and started seeing patients, helping them have better lives with less pain naturally. From the beginning, their mission was to help people to heal with less need for drugs and surgery. With this mission, they have continuously shared the message of natural health and wellness for years.

Then in 2011, poor health hit several members of their family at the same time. Her own parents and in-laws struggled with life threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney failure…

…This pushed her and her husband to find natural solutions, without side effects. Their search led them to the solutions they now use in their clinic and health spa. They combined the best nutrition and detox products with the most innovative technology to help real people get real results in weight loss and health. People are getting their lives back, as they implement these daily practices. This is why they passionately teach others how to get healthy naturally. It is their mission and passion to help people worldwide get their health back and see real results in weight loss. Their motto is, “Be healthy, be inspired, be revived! You deserve the best!”

Rachel Clark: Wellness Coordinator



This is Rachael Clark, our Wellness Coordinator. She works in Marion. Rachael’s life has been transformed by the nutritional products we utilize in the Natural You program. Her health has radically improved since she has started taking the Natural You health products almost 4 years ago. She has lost 30 pounds and her husband has lost 40.