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Katy Wells: Executive Director

Katy grew up and lived in the Midwest, until moving to North Carolina with her husband in 2011. Her husband is a 2011 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College and pursued apprenticeships with some of the largest holistic health clinics in the country until opening their practice in 2012. Katy accompanied her husband on these apprenticeships so she could learn the ins and outs of holistic healthcare.

During her time in these clinics, she managed the front desk and supported the doctors in their mission to teach patients about TRUE health. Her health also transformed, as she had to practice what she preached!…

…She studied nutrition, exercise, detoxification and also the mental aspect of health, in order to provide their patients the best care possible. She found that meeting patients where they were at and giving them simple, actionable steps led to amazing results. The nutrition and exercise protocol she provided helped their patients collectively lose HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of pounds, and most importantly, gave patients long term, lasting results.

In 2018 she teamed up with her friend and colleague, Dr. Jennifer Hedges, the founder of Natural You Health Spa, and opened their Hendersonville, NC location. Katy is grateful to be able to serve our WNC community and continue to change lives with the Natural You weight loss program!

Margaret Poteat: Manager

Margaret and her Husband Dean Poteat have lived in the mountains of North Carolina for over 33 years. As a young girl growing up in Columbia, South Carolina Margaret began a life long battle with obesity. Along with obesity came self esteem issues, bad eating habits, poor nutritional choices, and many roller coaster fad diets. After three battles with cancer, multiple surgeries and near death she ballooned to 360 pounds. At that point Margaret began a road to health. After loosing over 115 pounds the healthy way and keeping it off she now continues that lifestyle of healthy living through the principles we teach at Natural You Health Spa.

Margaret is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Masters in Education…

…She has had a lifelong passion to help educate others to meet their goals to becoming better people.

After over 18 years working in healthcare she brings a unique prospective to Natural You Health Spa. Margaret understands first hand the challenges of weight loss and making the switch to a healthy lifestyle. Her passion to educate is obvious the first time you meet her. Margaret is gifted at seeing in people their true potential and helping them realize their dream.. As she says often to clients “I can be a sweet grandmother type coach and encourage you but I can also kick your butt to help motivate you to reach your goals.”…

…Margaret and Dean have two sons, seven grand children and one great grandchild. They also are outreach Pastors at a local church. Margaret is passionate about her faith and loves her family. She enjoys cooking healthy recipes, loves making organic soaps, lotions and health care products.

She has worked along side Dr. Jennifer Hedges the founder of Natural You Health Spa and shares the heart and passion to help all of our clients achieve their goals.