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Dr. Jennifer Hedges:

Dr. Jennifer Hedges has been a leader in chiropractic health and wellness for over a decade. Dr. Hedges’ career was born out of a passion to transform the way people view and manage their health without drugs and surgery. Throughout her 20’s, Dr. Hedges was a certified personal trainer and an avid runner, when an injury to her sciatic nerve led her to becoming a chiropractor.

Dr. Hedges has been inspired to provide a solution to one of our society’s most common struggles—weight loss—by creating a state-of-the-art holistic fat and weight loss studio accessible to all. Dr. Hedges’ unique knowledge and experience enables her to bring an inspiring and trustworthy perspective to weight loss that is not available elsewhere…

…Dr. Hedges graduated from Sherman College in Spartanburg, South Carolina with honors of Summa Cum Laude, in 2009. After graduation, she trained with some of the most successful natural health doctors in the world, and has been the lead doctor in two of those clinics. Dr. Hedges also owns and operates multiple clinics and is a co-founder in a consulting company for medical doctors and chiropractors.

As the proud mother of Landon Lee, and through her involvement in several businesses, Dr. Hedges understands the unique health and weight challenges so many face today. A leader in the weight loss revolution, Dr. Hedges not only lives her health dream each day, but also makes it a reality for thousands of others.